Your day of declaration is at hand!

Are you losing hope that you’ll ever find your niche in the world? Are you tired of fancy words, religious double-talk, and failed formulas for overcoming painful issues? Tired of how the Church hurts people instead of heals? Are you ready for some straight talk about things that matter regarding how to know God? Then I have great news for you. Speaker and Author Brady Weldon’s cutting edge new book, The Hope Manifesto is just what the doctor ordered. He’s not your average Christian speaker. In fact, he minces no words but gets right to the heart of the matter, offering hope and encouragement that you’re not a misfit or an outcast as far as God is concerned.

So if you’ve lost hope and wonder why you were born–run, don’t walk to get a copy of The Hope Manifesto.

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Reader Reviews of The Hope Manifesto

“This book is a must read for anyone searching for themselves within the Lord. It is a refreshing perspective, written in an easy to read style that gives the reader a feeling that the author is sitting right there having a chat with you. It is a roadmap to finding yourself through the eyes of God. About releasing the expectations of others and casting away the baggage you carry. What makes “The Hope Manifesto” different from other books on this subject is Brady Weldon’s honesty and realnees about his own search for self and God and the realization that you do not have to be perfect within the eyes of the Lord. In fact, it seems the more messed up you are the more God wants you. Thank you Brady for this journey.” by CountryGal on


“This book has been such an incredible ray of light to me during a time when I have felt the dark feelings of hopelessness. Having recently lost my father, I read this and it gave me the message I needed of inspiration to remember that god has great plans for my future. It is written to those who are broken and hurting, offering hope and encouragement that I wouldn’t have found without these words. It has definitely helped me build hope in my heart, so I wanted to share my love for this book for those who may be looking for some of that hope in their lives.” by KMarie on


“THIS IS NOT A BLAND SELF-HELP BOOK, THANK GOD! I was apprehensive when I saw that several of my friends were bragging on this book. Brady is an amazing LIVE speaker, but I wondered how it would translate into writing. BOY WAS I WRONG and surprised!!!! :) This book is an honest, humble, and invigorating journey through God’s heart in walking beside those who lose hope in religion, church, and who long for a perspective on life’s struggles. The words he writes comes with a sense of a raw and unadulterated honesty, written in a “coffee shop” style that comes across so well you can smell the coffee in the background! More than that, it is written with enough breathing room that you begin to see your own situation within the pages. A book written and applies to anyone and everyone! GET THIS BOOK! You will experience a journey that will give you a perspective that ends up being VERY well worth your time inside the pages!” by John H. on