bradySo many hats are worn on the bald head of Brady Weldon:

  • Minister
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Life-Coach


“A trend-setter with the ability to reach into the hardest heart and the most broken soul.”

With a multi-faceted life message that reaches into the brokenness of people’s lives, his message of revival and hope is bringing hundreds of thousands to Christ. Through events that spread all over the globe, his ministry crosses all lines, propelling the cause of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century. For over 25 years, Brady’s heart is to the communities of the world, small or large. Recently, he launched “Hope2Overcome Live”, innovative, yet simple events geared toward reaching the broken and the hurting within a community. The last year has seen attendance records broken in EVERY single location and venue as people invite their hurting friends and family members to come and find Hope2Overcome.


“Brady Weldon is a living, breathing example of what true success should become. Our company has grown by leaps and bounds because of the honest, and straight-forward principles he has shared with us.”

Through the avenue of business, Brady relates on a corporate level in a way that is un-matched by others. His communication process in seminars such as “Impact-The Power of None” and “The Net that Makes Business Work”, is motivating everyone from the CEO to the janitor releasing staff to realize personal and team potential. Brady’s approach in motivation reaches from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. In any case, the results are the same…phenomenal. We hear it from business leaders everyday!


“Our church leadership and staff will never, I repeat, NEVER, be the same after the weekend Brady and team spent with us. I only wish we would have not wasted all that money going to conferences over the years that did not fit our genre or community that we are called. Brady tailors each presentation to “where you are”, and we loved that! What happened among us in one day will reap Kingdom benefits for years to come. Thanks so much.”

– Pastor, from Illinois

If you touch a leader, you touch everyone that they touch. After being in over twenty different denominations and speaking and training leaders in many cultures around world, Brady has begun an innovative, one-day workshop that has literally seen the paradigm of church leadership teams turn completely around. With an emphasis in growth in finances, community involvement, making change a mainstay, confronting and conquering trouble spots; as well as tons of other viable interactions, A two-fold approach of information and impartation plows new ground and updates the Kingdom mission within the local staff and leadership.


“My life is totally changed because of what God has done through the ministry of Brady Weldon.”

Brady spear-heads the H2O Movement, an innovative, out-of-the-box outreach through live events and online shows. Its goal is to reach the hurting and broken, as well as those with questions about the pain of their past, in a format of hope. Laced with gasoline and straight-talk, and with a viewership of over 50,000, which includes Churches, prisons, rehab centers and individuals in lonely places, looks as if Living Water is flowing into the desert places through computer screens. An indelible mark is being made outside the walls of the church with much more on the way!

It is amazing to watch what God is doing in the life of Brady Weldon. He knows first-hand the trials of those from all walks of life. He has been there. Calling the Church back to its original intent and the reaching of a broken generation are the pivotal foundations that make his message truly unique.

The love of God has rescued him, the grace of God has kept him, and the call of God drives him. Anyone who ever sits under this unique ministry of the Word recognizes the special call God has on his life. We think you will believe the same.