How do I overcome my painful past? When will my failure of years ago quit haunting my present? These are questions that I, and those who serve in leadership, am bombarded with on a daily basis. The purpose of my life is to always try to seek the Lord with my whole heart, although I seem to fail myself. So, I began a quest to figure out how to walk out of the spirit of fear and failure, to then begin to attain the higher purpose God has for my life. Out of that study came this series, “ARISE!”

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If you have ever been frustrated with what you know of spiritual life, ever wondered if real change is possible, ever felt confused or stuck – you are my kind of person. I wrote this study for you.

Now, let me warn you. This little book will bring you face to face with everything about you that you may not want to be seen. But, it is worth the journey, if you will go through it slowly. Don’t be in a hurry. Read carefully. Answer the questions honestly. Don’t go through this study alone. That way you can discuss it with someone who is traveling the same road that you are.

The Christian gospel insists that transformation really is possible.

Never easy. Rarely quick. But possible. It begins to happen anytime someone becomes intensely aware that Jesus CAN transform their life.

Yesterday does not have to determine today. This study is not written to spoon feed you every little detail, but to cause you to stop, think, and dig deeper. The power is yours to overcome, by allowing the Holy Spirit to stir you up, versus just doing a study. Ultimately, this study will “study” you!

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