Instead of me postulating another “6 points to have the best year ever” or “Reasons to birth vision next year” or “365 ways to expect another year” in a blog post, I thought I would begin my new year in a different way. Here are some points to help you acquire a realistic approach to next year goal-setting…

1. Replace all of your self-help points with self-denial.

God is only interested in His purpose and plan in the earth, so the sooner you and I give up our purpose and plans, the less selfish we will appear to a watching world.

2. Don’t hate people and love God.

There is nothing any worse than a Christians who are so into themselves that they run past people in need in order to accomplish their “new year’s goals”, especially if those we run past don’t believe the same or live by the same orientations. Your Jesus would never bypass people to do life or ministry, unless they were religious hypocrites. Then, He would look for a slut or a leper.

3. Living for the future without living in the moment.

NOW is a great word for this next year. Learning to embrace an event or a moment in time is something that requires the discipline of slowing down. Future-living erases the beauty of…NOW. This moment will never come again, so slow down, fast. You will be dead soon enough.

4. Simplify by subtracting.

Decide what are assets and what are liabilities. There are some things that we need to quit trying to fit into our new year’s paradigms and release things that simply do not fit anymore. Have the guts to cut out the weights and dung. Remember: Feces is something that you release, not hold onto.

5. Cultivate truth and destroy rules without relationship.

We all have it. It was placed in us years ago…our own personal religion rules. Any rule that is not bathed in love and hope is simply from the pit and smells like smoke. It will make you haughty, prideful, and arrogant. Cut it out so that you don’t look stupid to other people. Religious rules without love creates intellectual barbarians.

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