Authority and obedience can never really be divided, with some people having all the authority while others have only to obey. This separation causes authoritarian behavior on one side and a doormat on the other. It perverts and messes with obedience as well. A person with great authority who has nobody to be obedient is also in great spiritual danger. Someone with great authority, yet has no one following them, is simply taking a walk. In order to have great leadership skills, that person must also possess great obedience. In these days of thousands of leadership conferences, books, podcasts, and principles galore, I keep wondering…”who will follow if all we have are leaders?”

A very obedient person who has no authority over anyone is equally in danger. Jesus Christ spoke with great authority, but his whole life was complete obedience to the Father.

I saw this great question not too long ago…

Do we live our authority in obedience and do we live our obedience with authority?

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