Since today we remember that great lives have been given for great freedom, I have been thinking about how a leader is made, called, and pushed to the forefront to make a difference…

Leadership is the art of the future. But something is wrong in our understanding of it. What is wrong is “the vision thing.” Our understanding of leadership needs to be turned upside down. Walter Bennis’s famous definition of the difference between leaders and manager’s holds true today:

“The manager has his eye on the bottom line; the leader has his eye on the horizon.”

Every avenue of the church world is FILLED with managers, and a few who are called (or call themselves) leaders. Theses are the ones who have studied all the books, all the practices and shiftings of how a leader should react and act at any given time. They have learned all of the principles from Jesus to Steve Jobs, hoping that all of that syrup will ease out of the cracks of their life to impact others.

But, there is just one problem…

Leaders are summoned to a moment.

They are called into existence by circumstances. Memorial Day is when we remember those who were summoned to a cause greater than themselves. Now, everyone is “called” by God for some kind of mission. But sometimes the “called” are “called out” for leadership. How you and I manifest our mission will change throughout the course of life. The mission remains constant. But when “how” you do your mission and how you make your way into the world come together, then you are living a leadership life.

True, some people are born leaders. It just comes with the territory of their DNA. But these are few and far between. Thanks to countless men and women, we celebrate freedom who paid a high price when they were called upon to do so.

Will you be there when life calls you from the background to the forefront?

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