The word “love” means everything today. That is why our culture is on a never-ending search for it. The true definition of love has been so diluted and polluted by the enemy that we never really know if it truly comes into our lives. True love seems to be hidden. Maybe that is why we run from God to settle for a human love.

To run from God and search for love is the most dangerous human pursuit.

Why do we run from God instead of running to His love and acceptance? I wish to offer a few personal reasons:

First, we run from God and search for love because it’s just too hard to believe that if we come near to God, we will find ourselves not drowning in condemnation, but swimming in compassion.

Second, we run from God from God to search for love because Jesus says “come if you are weary, and I will give you rest. We spend so must time and energy searching, we lose the ability to believe that God could be our home.

Third, we run from God and search for love because we long to be loved and we have convinced ourselves that the One who is most loving could not embrace us and would not accept us.

Fourth, we run from God and search for love because a part of our struggle with God is our own discomfort with love and religion. Let me expand this…

It is absurd to think that any religion would somehow get you to God. It’s like being in love with a person who has no interest in you. He loves your advances only because it makes Him feel self-important. But, He really has no motivation to pursue you. It’s all one-sided. We long for love, but we are convinced that all love is conditional.

When a religion is created on the premise that God withholds His love and you must submit to the system to earn that love; THAT is the WORST of corruptions! That is why so many people have a problem with Jesus Christ and the Christian faith at it’s core. Why?

Because for centuries the church has been telling us if we want God’s love, we have to follow the rules. It’s been far more important to focus on the sin problem, rather than the love problem. This is how religious institutions can maintain control over lives whose hearts long for love.

What would happen if people would start discovering the actual message of Jesus?

That love is truly unconditional, and Love came searching for you.

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