Remember when you were a student? There was one type of test I hated above all. It wasn’t the multiple-choice test. There was always a chance to guess some of those answers, or at least look for clues that would jar my memory and remind me of the information I studied. Then there were the essay questions, which provided a chance for me to drape my uncertainty in complex phrases and convoluted sentences. Use enough words, and the teacher might not know that I had no idea what the answer was. There was the true/false question, but that was a fifty/fifty chance of being right no matter what I answered. The one that always killed me was the fill in the blank questions.

You either knew it or you didn’t. Oh, God help you if you didn’t know the definite answer when the question demanded that you fill in the blank.

That may be what makes life seem so difficult. If you don’t know how to overcome the past and make your misery produce purpose, it is scary because you cannot fill in the blank. The answer is the thing we all seek to know while we live between our birth date and our death date. We need to know the answer or the blank is left empty and we die with a feeling of incompleteness. You and I have known people who got stuck in their falls and wounds, then reached the end of their lives with an incomplete life over their heads. Some were wealthy, but incomplete, attractive but incomplete, revered but incomplete. But, we cannot allow life to leave us with nothing filled in the blank.

Imagine yourself standing at the crossroads like a lost traveler endlessly looking at both paths, yet unable to reach a decision about which way to go. If you do that, you will spend your life nursing your wounds from years past with no way of moving forward to a fresh destiny. Your life is way too precious to be left in the hands of someone else. I see so many singles and married people who base every destiny decision on the people around them. Although to an extent this is a truth that must be reverenced, especially if you hope to take your spouse with you; you cannot expect someone else to take care of you. God is the only one we can trust to steer our lives. Empowerment begins when you do what we are doing in this study; i.e., acknowledge the falls, failures, and wounded places of our lives, but not just for mere acknowledgement. We must move on if we are going to see our destinies revealed.

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