If you missed the Proclaimer’s Retreat (which you did!), you simply missed a most amazing time of impartation and fresh freedom! All of those who were there are connected to a Proclaimer Partner, and we sent them this email this morning. Thought I might share it with you…

There are two aspects of preparation:
1. Foresight
2. Discipline.

Preparation is the beginning of the creative process! Do you see where you want to be and create?

Over this past weekend, so many asked me this question, “What if I fail trying?” My response is, Can you live with the outcome no matter what if you know that you have done all you can? Can you find satisfaction in the power of the process of writing a fresh chapter in your life, whatever the final chapter ends up being?

If you do not begin to discipline yourself in these new areas, your future will haunt you like a restless ghost of the dreams whose death you caused through neglect. Some people do more with less talent than others do with immense amounts of talent.

Here are a couple of discipline questions to ponder:
a. Am I prepared for the future I am to create?
b. Am I saying no to good temporary things that take me off course?

Charles Spurgeon said “If I knew I had twenty-five years to live, I would spend twenty of them in preparation.” You can do more in a short time period with good preparation than you ever can just rushing out to do what you are called to do.

God is raising up a new “REVOLUTION”!! The future is not simply entered into, it is created!

**Proclaimer’s Retreat 2013.2 is coming!!

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