Successful people often describe how they failed their way to success. It’s no mysterious secret. We all do it! Think about how you learned to walk-you stumbled and fell into the skill of walking. That is exactly how you learned to talk – it took a while for your folks to teach you to pronounce tough words, and by the age of three they couldn’t shut you up! But what if you had been punished for your failures at that age and you became discouraged and stopped trying?

Stop punishing yourself for failing!! Yes, there will be setbacks; there will be delays. There may be classe in school you will have to take over. But that does not mean you can’t get your degree. Oswald Chambers said it best in his book Run Today’s Race, “ Don’t let the sense of failure corrupt your new action.” What is that new action?? It is a plan to use your fallings and failings to propel you forward.

Some even believe that it is faithless to work a plan instead of trusting God to make it all happen. But faith without works is dead! (James 2:26) God will never tell someone to pray then go sit down and do nothing. What he told you is that “you can do all things through Him.” (Philippians 4:13) What would you do with your life if you knew in advance that there is no way you could fail at your dreams-so long as you kept trying? Would you take a seat in front of the TV for the rest of your life? Or would you leap into something and start digging like you just found a cave with gold in it?

You have to have a plan. And I’m not talking about a pipe dream-something that has no details. I mean a strategic, well-thought-out plan that will help you get ready for each level of growth.

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