It has often been said that the greatest opposition to what God is doing today comes from those who were on the cutting edge of what God was doing yesterday. The greatest hostility to what God is doing now comes from those who were on the front line of what God was doing yesterday. The greatest attacks to any current move of God in your life often will come from those who judge you by yesterday. The reason: jealousy. This ultimately became Saul’s problem.

You must stretch out to realize that what worked yesterday may not be what works today. The method in which you killed those giants yesterday may not be the method to kill this one today. If you under the age of thirty, you have got to be careful that you don’t let old folks put stuff on you that weigh you down and hold you back. The mission must never change, but the methods MUST change! You are called to slay the generational giants of your father’s generation, so we need updated weaponry.

David stripped down to what he knew he had, and what he had worked! He had a vibrant and intimate relationship with God. God had given him some ordinary gifts to slay his previous giants. David knew himself well enough to know what worked and what did not work for him.

Knowing yourself well enough to know when to say “when” can save your life. Self-deceit is common amongst those who esteem that the battle will be easy. We find ourselves being depleted and ill-prepared for the battle before us, and we fail not for the lack of desire or giftedness, but only from lack of utilizing what works for us.

Do you know your strengths? Do you know your weaknesses? Or, in Superman’s case, do you know your kryptonite? That thing that weakens the fabric of God’s call and mission to fight and conquer.

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