As you and I win the personal base (first base), we will gain credibility to go on to the second base and begin to win with others. This is where I begin to dream big time, because it is only within a team where you and I can experience what God can leverage through our lives into the lives of others.

Joseph had to learn to with the war for others. Early in his life, he was comfortable being favored by his father. Later in his life, Joseph is sold as a slave and treated without distinctions. Stripped of his father’s protective favor, he is able to discover the sorrow and struggles of others. Nothing compares to being on the same level with people to realize how to care for them and cease being self-absorbed.

No one wants to hear a vision where you are standing and they are bowing.

I think that God has self-serving motives on the top of his “hate” list. People who lord their own agendas with that pompous coating of being humble will never win others, and will only sideline them from their position in God’s plan. He can and will give you the power to deal with the truth of the issues within that prevent you from battling for the souls of others.

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