For the next four blogs, I am going to explore the idea of purpose. For many people, life feels like a prolonged state of desperation as they search for purpose while juggling activities and accomplishments. The quest for meaning is agonizing, especially when you learn that it’s never ends. We search all over the earth for the life that will lead us to true meaning …our calling.

Thankfully, God does answer the enduring question of purpose for our lives. He has given us an earthly and eternal purpose that becomes our launching and landing pad for life. God wants to bring change into our lives, but we must be willing to get out of the dugout and onto the playing field. There is a metaphor that can help us wrap our minds around the concept. Think of it like the bases in a baseball diamond. You begin at home plate. You finish at home plate. And you must cover all the bases-in the right order.


The basic diamond begins at home plate with your purpose-what you were created to do. Knowing your purpose means that you first understand that God has put you here for a purpose-to abide in Him. You gain confidence in your purpose by remaining totally open to Him, daily.

In the story of Joseph, son of Jacob, keeping dependency on God had to be a hard task. The obstacles began early in his journey when he was sold into slavery by his brothers. Joseph had everything that he had lived to depend on completely stripped away from him until he was left without anything of himself. This was when God was cultivating a dependency upon Him in Joseph’s heart that came to define Joseph’s leadership for the rest of his life!

Only with true surrendered dependency can we live under the favor that God intends for us. As some of us painfully learn (me too!) there is a period of brokenness initiated by the Holy Spirit that is basic to bearing fruit that lasts.

It is so important that we begin at this base, with this principle. Just as God crafted in Joseph’s life the clarity to start and finish with God on home plate, that dependency and tenacity must be humbly integrated into our daily lives.

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