I am longing, at the dawn of the second half of my life, to learn how to finish well. I want my life, ministry, and influence to be the bomb.com as I continue to see the finish line. If our hearts are focused on finishing well, our lives will bring us right back to the place of purpose at which we start!

Every step of the journey-from base to base- comes back to this foundation. Completing the process requires that we never lose sight of that goal. We must not think that our ultimate destination is any of the other bases. You and I must yearn to press on until God has His way with us completely. It can sometimes be tempting to invent new missions or styles to accomplish (this has been my pain of late). But in this game, the idea is to start on-purpose and to finish on-purpose.

Sometimes, the final stretch can be the most difficult to master. Only when our purpose is clear can we enjoy the sense of focus that comes from serving God. And that’s when we can cross the plate with the satisfaction that our job is “well done.”

God’s pattern cultivates the personal and relational authenticity we long to experience. Everyday, I want to wake up knowing that I am totally dependent on God, but I instinctively run to third base. I resort to my tee-ball logic that says all I need to do is figure out some way to make it to home base. But God has a distinctive plan in which the order of the bases matter, and He will grant us favor along the way…

one base at a time.

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