Down in the flatland of the Valley of Elah, the only natural barrier separating the shepherd boy from the Philistine giant was a meager brook. It’s bed was shallow enough and its water clear enough that David could have seen every rock on the bottom. But he didn’t. Even as he hurriedly helped himself to five smooth stones, David’s eyes never left Goliath. From the moment he emerged with the sack lunch, came down the mountain, heard the giant’s taunts, and emerged past the front-line generals; his focus never deviated.
-1 Samuel 17:33-49

Young David already knew one of the fundamental secrets to conquering giants: Once you commit to conquering a giant and begin to live out God’s dream, do not let anything distract your attention until the job is done.
I will resist writing the obvious here on contemporary giants that we need to attack. Instead, I want to motivate you to persevere until the giants fall. For our generation, that is God’s dream. But remember…

A giant would rather die in battle than negotiate at the table of reason.

That is why we must be ruthless and merciless when we deal with our personal giants. You can’t bargain with your giants, nor can you avoid them forever. I can guarantee that sooner or later, one or more of these giants will assault you. He will stubbornly continue to call you out to the battle, much in the same way Goliath called out for just one member of the army of Israel to come out and fight him to the finish.

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