Even in the sheep fields, He had in him the anointing to be the king of Israel. That was God’s dream to be crushed out of David. I don’t know where you are today, but I want you to know that big dreams are locked up, waiting on you while you “remain” in the sheep fields. David’s own father judged him by his position in the field and not by his potential in the world. This is the cardinal sin of the modern-day church.

The Church is killing potential giant killers because we judge people based on their position in the field, not their potential for the future. David was viewed as an insignificant sheep-herder, but Samuel said “bring him to me.” (1 Samuel 16:11) In fact, you find out later that God had caused David to go through the crushing place of loneliness for a period of time. It is the place in life where you don’t fit in, and God does that because He is trying to pull out of you those things that are ordinary because you were meant to be extraordinary.

Preparation comes when we are sitting in silent places, and David was groomed by the Lord in places where no other human contact was near. In those alone times was where God moved and made deposits into the life of the future giant killer. Counselors tell us that the number one problem plaguing people today isn’t fear, insecurity, or rejection. It’s loneliness. Isolation. Longing for companionship. David penned the benefits of being alone in Psalm 27. He says “When I’m alone, and my enemies have come to destroy me, though I’m outnumbered and even my parents have forsaken me, I will wait on the Lord.”

One of the best toys of the last three centuries has got to be the Transformer! Children of all ages loved and still love this toy. Why? It’s simple. Three or four toys for the price of one!

For the “Transformer uneducated”, it is a toy that you can twist, turn, and pull to become one of several types of toys. One time it’s a car, the next it’s a robot, the next your dream truck. This toy can become anything, depending on who is holding it.

You have to be careful because you can become anything, depending on who is holding you. If you allow yourself to get in the wrong hands, they can twist and pull you into becoming a person that delays your destiny and sets you back in accomplishing God’s dream for years. In times of aloneness, God does His “dream-building” in you.

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