At certain stages of life, or when I come to a curve, I start a serious reflection with potent questions. Questions that cause me to re-evaluate my life, calling, and choices.

“Am I doing what I am called to do?”

“Am I fulfilled in life?”

“What difference is my life making?”

“Am I giving my life away to the RIGHT people and causes?”

These questions plague me at every turn, and I think I am just beginning to have an understanding of this in my soul; because I only get ONE SHOT at life.

One opportunity to give it my all.

One journey to allow God to bring the right people into my path to accomplish His goals.

One shot, One life, One brief moment in world history. One breath, and its all over.

Depressing, ain’t it?

The truth is: there are numerous possibilities in this ONE life. The power of choice is a wonderful gift, and yet it is the one thing that stresses me the most. Do I choose to live here, or there? Do I go back to college? What is my true passion? On and on the choices are presented to me on a continual basis. There are all of these potential paths to go down, yet I rarely move toward any one of them because of something from the past that weighs me down in the present moment.

The present has been known to murder my unborn future.

Nothing is any worse in life than seeing future potential paths to travel, and yet be so locked up in the present and not be able to go any direction. Maybe it is because of non-productive choices in the past that quench hope for the future. It is then that my life’s time is spent gazing at what will never be encountered… and I hate those days.

And yet, Scripture says “With God ALL things are possible.”

That is true, but the implication (and woodshed moment) is that as long as I am “with God”, THEN all things become possible. My selfish motives makes this verse seem to say that I can just choose any path, and BOOM! God rocks it out for me. But I must remember that only “WITH God” are all things possible. I have to stay with Him before I get any power to choose the next path.

Choosing a path is important, but choosing the WRONG path can set me back for years and cause me to not travel too far down a path that I was destined to follow to the end. A delay in destiny will come, IF (Big IF) God is not WITH me. Ask Abraham. Ask Moses. Ask Judas.

Making specific goals and precise targets in life, through a ton of prayer and failures, allow God to control what is to be the leading path choices. And of course, there will be obstacles, but as Curt Carlson once said, “Obstacles are those frightening things (blocking potential paths) that you see when you take your eyes off of the target.”

Thank God that oak trees don’t grow too fast. And thank God that I am getting a bit better at choosing the “best” path and looking past any obstacles to envision the target of each path. There is a peace in resting in the fact that this ONE life has MANY paths. When I walk with God, the “path-choosing” is His business. I will just follow.

For I am in sales, and He is in management.

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