One of the evidences that you are living the life God designed you to live is that you begin to enjoy your life even when your environment does not seem to dictate that. When we begin to enjoy life, we actually return to God’s original intent. The only way you can move from destructive desires and the failure of the past to a life of purpose and foresight, is to allow God to awaken your fiery passions instead of living in the failures that haunt your daily peace.

When Adam and Eve sinned, God told them that they turned their complementary relationship into a destructive one. So, they would no longer enjoy life at the optimal level for which they were created. They brought destruction into two arenas; their relationships and their identity.

Like Adam and Eve, you and I spend our lives trying to find lust instead of love, security instead of significance, and existence instead of life. Eve was told that she would have pain in childbirth. In essence, God was saying that from birth to death, human relationships that should bring joy would bring pain. You know this is true because many times the people we love the most are the ones capable of hurting you the most deeply. God also told Eve that her husband would be her master. In other words, “now you are going to fight for power in marriage. This is a description of our own brokenness issues. We have created a world where we end up wounding the person we say we love the most.

Maybe this is why so many people are afraid to get married in our society. They truly don’t believe someone can love them all of their life. And, they don’t believe they are capable of loving someone all of their life! You know this because you know yourself; you know the hurt you are capable of giving as well as receiving. But part of reversing the curse of the Fall is enjoying marriage and life. Isn’t it true that the darkest moments of your life come when there are “issues” in relationships?

Marriage is never mean’t to work (in the natural). It is a death of self for the other, and as it is “redeemed”, the world will see the power of the cross and resurrection.

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