Everyday, they lay bleeding and left wounded.
You and I pass them on your way everyday.
Have you noticed them lately?

“by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.”
Luke 10:31

The priest had no keen personal interest in this man and accidentally stumbled upon him. The priest saw that the man had fallen, but he was not surprised. After all, this very road was called “the bloody place.” Afraid to get too close to this man, the priest never took the time to see his bleeding wounds.

Perhaps the priest could have yelled out to the fallen man, “I’m on my way to the temple, so I’ll pray for you!” But when someone is bleeding in the middle of the road of life, they don’t need prayer as much as they need a transfusion. This is the fundamental flaw with the Christian faith as it has become “Americanized”. It is the difference between legalism and love.

I believe the reason so many broken, hurting people do not get any attention by the religious machine racing down the road of life (trying to make a statement that they have something going on that the world needs) is because they REALLY do not have the compassion to pick up someone nor the means to give a rip! Think about it.

If those who are the religious elite are closest to God, why is it that they are so rarely closest to love?

When hurting people perceive that those who represent God are unloving, then those searching for hope might conclude that God is uncaring as well. That is why the church MUST return to being a healthy community for unhealthy people. This Bible study is not for the faint or weak at heart, but those who want to overcome! Therefore, a healthy dose of honesty is needed. On both ends!

It is a painful admission that we have become more self-absorbed than we are self-aware. When you are hurting, as many of you are right now, it may be at the hands of others that your wounds came. When others hurt us, it becomes a reflection on God.

If we risk entering a church or religious community that claims access to God and we find ourselves being betrayed in the process, it becomes the fastest way to become an addict or a practical atheist. There is no greater proof of God than the power of a healthy community. But, there is no greater proof of religion than the power of an uncaring, selfish community.

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