I saw these on Facebook and was compelled to share them. If only…If only…

Things We need to Destroy That We Teach About Church-
by Jim Palmer

1. Church is a place, a location, a building.
2. Christianity happens in services, classes, meetings, events, and programs.
3. What people need most is good information about God.
4. “God’s work” needs organizational or corporate infrastructure.
5. The more control the better; no telling what people will do if left to themselves.
6. It’s best you let us decide how to use and distribute your money.
7. Depend on us for the spiritual formation of your children; we are trained.
8. The bigger the church, the better.
9. People are more valuable and spiritual based on how often they are there and how
much they give.
10. Relationships happen in group meetings.

Keep praying.

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