I heard this story of a little eaglet who fell into a chicken coop . He grew up thinking he was a chicken. He scratched the ground like chickens all day looking for worms.

All he knew was the farm and his chicken friends. One day a man saw this beautiful bald eagle in the chicken coop. He decided to take him up the mountain. He held the eagle up to the wind. The eagle looked at the other eagles flying in the sky. He stretched out his wings and flew into the sky.

The eagle is the king of the air but all his life he was limited because he did not know who he was.

We allow the labels that people put on us define us. We allow media and popular culture define us. We allow are circumstances and past failures to define us.

If you know the Heavenly Father then all you need to know is you are Loved, you are Forgiven, you are Adopted, you are a person of Destiny.

You are an eagle so stop acting like a chicken. You are related to the King of the heavens and the earth. Spread your wings and fulfill your destiny.

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