The New Testament refers to our lives as being “a pilgrimage”, “a warfare”, “a contest”, “a race”, and “a building.” All of these metaphors suggest progress and achievement. The majority of people of faith today treat their inward life in a very sloppy and universalistic way of living. In order for this to be a season of redesign, you and I must realize afresh that our devotional life is not needed, it is imperative.

You can’t learn to pray in a week, no more than you can learn to play the violin in a week. There is a mechanism in prayer as in violin playing (fiddle if you are from my neck of the woods!). Even violin players talk about how they have to train their arms and fingers in order to accommodate their new instrument, then add to that hours and hours of practice. A ton of people play the guitar; many people can play a kazoo, but not many play the violin. Even when we see someone play at a concert, we marvel at their talent. Why? Because we know they did not get there without intention.

Communion with God is the highest exercise of our being and there is no easy way to it. Throughout His years on earth, Jesus Christ maintained this posture of continually practicing surrender to God. Even before His earthly ministry began, He endured a period of intense preparation in the desert. What was the underlying issue that Satan used to tempt Jesus? It was a matter of control. Through physical appetites, ego, and power, the Devil worked in his office to get Jesus away from His communion with the Father.

If you will notice, those three things: physical appetites, ego, and power are the very things that keep you and I in a frantic state of busyness so that we lose fellowship and growth. Nothing clutters my conscience like those three things! Don’t beat yourself up if you have wasted opportunities to “practice”, just begin today to evaluate these three flesh areas and how they have pulled you away from moments of quiet devotion.

We are His instruments.
He writes the novel and the musical score of our lives.
Spend time with Him.

Let Him write it.

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