Our world aches with the pain of rejected ones: Babies are unwanted by their mothers, people backstab each other with words, some get mocked for their physical or mental qualities, and divorce rips at the core of families. All the while nations rage and the prospects of wars grow.

Rejection is an experience that is so universally understood that it really needs no definition. God has created into the fabric of our humanness the desire to be loved and accepted, so when rejection comes we process and rehearse the the confusion and the moment in our minds and hearts.

Sometimes for years.

Rejection affects us more profoundly than we care to admit. After it happens, it seems that everything that we enter into from then on that feels even vaguely familiar to the previous hurt gets run through the grid of our personal pain. No one understands rejection better than Jesus, as Isaiah the prophet said that He would be “rejected by men” (Isa. 53:3). David was rejected by Saul and his own family. But he said that even”when my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me up.” (Psa. 27)

When people are wounded deeply because of rejection, many times, it’s because they put too much stock in the opinions of people. People can be very undependable. One minute they will shout “Hosanna”, and the next minute, “Crucify him!”

If you live for the praise of men, you will die when they reject you.

For where you are going this year, you can’t put your total trust in humans exclusively, so when they praise you, don’t let it sway you. People do not hold your destiny. The opinions of people are nice, but they are undependable. The more you get fueled by the affirmation and praise of men, the more you will begin to lose your discernment of the agenda of God. When the praise of people become more important to you than hearing the voice of God, and it becomes a form of idolatry. God gets put second on the ladder of your life-priorities. But the moment that you become free of the praise of man, you actually become free of all men. You will begin to love as Jesus does; unconditionally and without partiality.

No matter what they do or say…even if they crucify you.
Resurrection is just on the other side.

That is the story of love.

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