What do you believe about your future?
Do you believe success is possible?
Do you believe YOU are a success?
Do you believe that the gifts inside of you will prepare you for greater success tomorrow?

A steady diet of negativity will inevitably leave us deflated and stressed, too. Don’t give up what you have by focusing on what you lost!

Negative responses to these questions can shut us down from attaining the goal or dreams we envision for ourselves, our family, or the ministry God has given to us. Negative responses are rooted in what a person believes. What you think is rooted in your mind, like the old school cameras that had film. Every time a picture is taken, light reaches out and grabs the image, then brings it back into the camera and puts it onto the film…called a negative.

I am not trying to be Dr. Freud here, but it is worth noting: beliefs lie deep within the soul. They are related to the general direction of our lives. But, beliefs are directly linked to motivation. They are the foundation for the way that we view ourselves, the world around us, and God.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
(Phil. 4:13)

Is that what we truly believe about ourselves? Every accomplishment is through Christ. With Christ, you will succeed at accomplishing the thing that Christ has put inside of us! But it does not matter what I believe about you and your future, if you don’t believe it yourself!

If we grew up or had to live with those who continually put us down constantly, then we live with negatives. So, in order to redesign our lives, we have to go through some dark rooms. But every developer knows that once the negative is put into strong solution, that which is black will turn white, and that which is bland will become vibrant.

Today, look at where you doubt yourself about your ability to create a better future. Bring those negatives into the solution of God’s Word and strong Presence…

You will be amazed at the picture coming into view!

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