At this stage of Project Redesign, I think it is important to ask some REALLY tough, but essential questions that can lead us into the right paradigm for future growth. Questions are a great way to get yourself “thinking your confusion out loud”. Journal a bit about your answers.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ -Neale Donald Walsh

1. Who Am I?
2. What are my strengths?
3. What has been my role in God’s story?
4. What do I value most as priorities?
5. How much am I willing to suffer or pay for what I sense as my God-given destiny?
6. Can my family afford my God-given destiny?
7. If your life were summarized on a movie poster, what would it say?
8. What would you gladly do the rest of your life if you never got paid to do it?

The rest is up to you…

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    • peggyc

      one of my greatest joys is helping with set-up for Centre Celebrate Recovery; it is a volunteer position…playing guitar is a close second along with the jail mimistery…Isaiah 64: 1


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