What is it that you want for the new year? More money? More free time? Another date? So many of us are trying to fill our new year’s resolutions with “things”. We are a nation of “thingers.” So many are like ravenous wolves hungry to accumulate stuff in a futile attempt to sense accomplishment throughout the year.

God has built into the fabric of life the way that we are to accomplish His will. God does something more strategic; He gives us opportunities.

Opportunities are those moments in time when we see that we can make a difference, attach our lives or influence toward a certain cause, and receive the greatest satisfaction that our lives are stepping forward into a moment. Many times these are needs that keep us awake at night for months, other times explode at a specific point in time in which we have to make a quick decision to solve a problem or maybe rescue the perishing. It is at the crossroad of decision that opportunity stands, and it is when you feel as if God has planted in you the solution to the problem or dilemma.

An opportunity in time can create a lifetime of difference.

I remember the first time I held a small child that was dying. She was twelve and weighed around 25 pounds. Her whole existence was in the jungles of Latin America, her body had become convulsed with all types of diseases. She would die soon. All I had to give her in that moment was some children’s liquid aspirin.

It was only a moment in time, but it created an opportunity for the God of the universe to soften and change my heart. Now, I see her face when I minister to people who are hurting and broken. You never get over those moments.

This is a year to build your life around preparing for the moment an opportunity arises for your influence to step forward. Yes, you can miss it divine opportunities if you are consumed with “things”. So, free your hands from the stuff that cloud your potential and prepare your mind and heart for the moment when your passion intersects a need in the world.

One opportunity can change it all for you.


    • peggyc

      great food for thought & prayers Brady…opportunity: jail ministry, suit up & show up; God will do the rest, amen

      Isaiah 64: 1

    • George Larrauri

      Brady,you are so right,as americans we have become consumed with the comforts of our society,thus mighty moves of God appear to be few because we are so wrapped up with THINGS.We need to seize the opportunities set before us and even more importantly keep our eyes and ears wide open wide so that we dont miss them when He puts them in front of us.Brady I love your heart and SOOO appreciate your desire to reach the underdog,the guy or girl that has tremendous giftings but is unable to use them because they are not so and so’s son or daughter or part of the “good o’l boy’s system.You give us confidence and courage.I thank God for pastors like you and Fady that teach like Jesus taught and can still use outcasts the way that Jesus did,and turned the world upside down using them.I am excited to see what God has in store for you.Even after all that you have accomplished in your ministry,if I was a betting man I would be willing to bet that God has just gotten started using you,and I am excited to see what He’s going to do.Love you my friend(George)

      • admin

        I am betting the same for you my brother!:) Just getting started!!



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