My birthday is January 11, and for some time now I have been working on my “second-half” life plan. It is not that easy because trying to plan based on the past will drive you crazy! Do you have a life plan? Do you have a road map to begin to live the story of God’s plan and purpose? Spiritual people have a tendency to think that to walk by faith means that you have no plan. But since faith is defined as the substance of things hoped for in Hebrews 11:1, then in order to have effective faith you must have a “thing that you hope for,” or a goal planted in you by God.

If you build a house, you have to go by plan. It’s tough sometimes because God usually does not give you the whole house, He gives you the first few steps. The plans can change as the house gets built, but at least there is a goal being attained. Even when astronauts “explore” space, they have a plan. They don’t just blast off. Too many people of faith today just blast off and never have a plan or design a strategy for the house God is trying to build through them.

Many good opportunities will come our way, but we will not be able to take advantage of all of them, nor should we try. As I am trying to begin the blueprints for the next half of my life, I am wondering…

How do we know which opportunities are the best ones? The answer is simple; the ones which will enable the journey’s direction. We have to know where we are going before we can discover how to get there. I have learned that so many people fail because they cannot make decisions. It is a web of confusion that I have been entangled myself, so afraid to get off track that I never really ever start. Here are a few things I am doing to implement into the navigational charts of my next chapter of my life…

1. Surround yourself with people who will not waste your time with faulty information.
Spiritual people are fine. But get away from lazy people who only pray and never plan. Ask them to pray for you…while you pray AND plan accordingly.

2. Always make your own decisions as you will be the one that has to live with the consequences of them.
Your life is yours to live and no matter how much someone may say that “God told me something about your life’s path”, the decision is YOURS to make. They may have heard from God, or they may have had too much Mexican food for lunch.

3. Remember that prayer releases the favor of God while work releases the force of man.
When favor coincides with force, you and I can begin an unstoppable journey. Prayer is not the same as planning in the spirit with effort. Don’t let prayer bypass the practical. They are married, not separate.

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