The toughest thing that a person (especially a person of the Christian faith) can do is to dig deep roots of simplicity into the soil of life. Our culture is plagued by the passion to possess and stress. The pace of the world that we live in enhances our sense of feeling fractured and fragmented. We feel strained, hurried, and breathless. So many people live on the edge of despair.

This is your day to reclaim something that has been forgotten in contemporary life and faith…

I lived for years with a continually building feeling within me that I had to do more, be more, extoll more, give more, in order to be “in step” and “on target”. This was so that people (church people) would think I had a fresh walk with God and could live always in the bright sunshine of being updated. Then, a friend saw my complex striving and fretting, and he said to me, “Jesus has already died for the church. You don’t have to also!”

We are trapped in a rat race, not just acquiring money, but also meeting family and business obligations. We pant through endless appointments and duties. With frantic pacing, we respond to all calls to service, while all along unable to distinguish the voice of Christ from that of human manipulators. When we get down to it, we have traded a simple, beautiful faith, for a frantic drive to “task” ourselves into a backslidden state. And, that is where most Christians in America live, backslidden. Always sliding backward, never moving forward. That is why our dependence on worship services have become like a junkie relying on the weekly fix.

Simplicity is a grace because it is given to us by God Himself. There is no way that we can build up or willpower and attain it. It is a gift graciously received. Simplicity is a grace, and it is a discipline. It involves a purposefully chosen course of action that sets our lives before God in such a way that we can begin to live as Christ did. Paul says in Galatians 3:27 that we “have put on Christ.” Ahhhh, there is freedom in the simple!

Evaluate the “junkie-rush” parts of your day. Where do you put more pressure on yourself that Jesus would?

He has already died.
You don’t have to also.

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