Dear Church of America,

You are as splintered and divided as the nation that just voted. Days of uncertainty are supposed to cause you to break out of your box and reach into your communities with substantive help for the broken and hurting. PLEASE PLEASE stop being so selective in your outreaches by committing the sin of partiality. Everybody within the family has to be right, always perfecting pride-filled and arrogant answers for the questions that come your way, instead of acquiring calloused hands because of serving those who search for hope. Begin today to reach, not across the aisle or pew, but across the street, then to the world.

A splintered church can never heal the wounds of a fragmented, hopeless world. So, as long as you keep competing with the church down the street, keep preaching to save your job, continue to keep your influence inside the walls of your nice buildings; then you will aide in the demise of what should have been the hands and feet of the One who gave you the opportunity to be a movement of grace, not a monument of pride.

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