“For you have created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”
-Psalm 139:13

Have you ever wondered where your life fits in the huge timeline of history? Do you have a desire to change some things so that you can make a greater impact? Is there a constant unsettledness within you that you may be wasting potential and purpose on really stupid things? For a few blogs, I am going to identify specific points of how to intentionally change direction in compiling and writing your life’s story. To get your feet wet in this subject, think of your whole life as playing a part in God’s story of history. God is the director and producer. At certain points, things in a great story change.

I meet so many people longing to stop or change life as it has been. Their souls long to make a greater mark, sing a better song, and construct a better theme. That is what these next few blogs will be about. So, when the credits role at the end of your story, you will have lived the passionate way that you wanted to live.

Life is not about existing, it’s about living a thriving role in the story of God in you, in the world.

So let’s work to change directions…

Great leaders and other successful people have the ability to apprehend obstacles to making significant life-changes. It is one of their strengths because they do it without fear. Constantly looking for problems out of fear with keep you from moving forward.

Good drivers know there are bad drivers and other hazards on the road: but that doesn’t make them afraid to drive. It just helps them develop sharp eyes, good reflexes, and anticipation. It’s merely part of counting the cost of driving, just like having contingency plans. If you can become aware of a weakness in your business, career, ministry, or relationship, then you can prepare a way to deal with the problems this weakness may cause before you are able to strengthen it. Look back in your life and journal ways that God gave you the ability to see the “wolf” around the corner; the danger points of making certain decisions. Then, be forward-thinking and forward-looking until it becomes a habit. But do it as a good steward and a good partner with God’s vision for you, not because you are terrified of problems and mistakes.

Here is an exercise-imagine yourself ten years from right now, then ask yourself what you wish you would have done by then. What obstacles will stand in your way from doing them?

*Journal about what your core passions. What irritates you about the world? When you see an injustice happening, does your blood boil as you say, “Someone ought to do something about that!!”

What if you are the one? Write about those things. Therein lies your fresh purpose. What are the obstacles that stand in the way?

Leave some comments about some of the obstacles that you have already overcome. It may encourage someone who is trying to apprehend those same obstacles right now.


    • admin

      Hey Everybody! It’s Brady. Walk with me through the next five days. Encourage your friends and family to do the study too! Then, you can take it to others to teach them!

      Can five days change your life’s direction? Who knows. But let’s learn things about ourselves that truly matter for future changes!

      PLEASE PLEASE Leave comments about how God speaks to you! It will encourage others!



    • Erica Davis

      Hey Brady,

      I may be a day late, but ready to take this walk.

      May God continue to bless you,


    • Debbie Reynolds

      My 10 year old daughter, Ivy and I, are doing this together.

      Ivy wants to share how she overcame a huge obstacle in her life. She had selective mutism from birth, which became evident by about age 2. This means that she literally never spoke in public until she was in 1st grade. This is a problem rooted in anxiety that is so severe the person cannot speak in public although they desparately want to. With much prayer and help of some therapists, she was able to speak in public. Just this past summer in Disney World she was chosen to come up on stage during the production of the Lion King and let out a loud “lion’s roar” in front of hundreds of spectators. This is something she never could have done without prayer and overcoming this huge obstacle.


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