“Like arrows are in the hand of a mighty warrior…”
-Psalm 127:4

Movies are hard to follow if there are too many main characters. As in any script writing, there must be a refining of the roles that will be played out; a laser-focusing of the primary characterization. You were not created to sit around and look at your navel. You were created to be involved with something outside of yourself. Something bigger, where your inner sense of purpose gets you up in the morning with passion. Are your dreams too small? If they are easily attained, they are too small. The day has come to refine your role with laser-precision. This will motivate your vision and motivate others around you to aim higher too!

God has put you in the world as an arrow in His bow. God is drawing you back and getting ready to release you in a direction you have never travelled. An effective arrow has one thing going for it; it is pointed toward a goal. Today you should begin to position yourself-not for where you are but for where you are going. You must refine your role and the role that others play in your life’s story, whether they are friends or enemies. Even good stories have an antagonist. What will you do with yours?

This will require the refining of relationships in your life.

Good partners complete, they do not complete. You must first accept the fact that some relationships are not working. You must begin to refine the roles that certain people will play in your life, and those who will not play any further role. One mentor of mine talked about developing a budget for all of your relationships. If someone constantly draws out of you but never makes deposits into you, you need to setup a budget of how much you will give toward them. Another way is to compartmentalize the relationships that you keep. This will salvage more important relationships. So, when you feel a relationship is not working, you can step back. IF a relationship does not add, it will subtract.

Begin to see your relationships like slices of an orange; you can take away a few and have plenty left!

Next, you will have to progressively terminate dead relationships. Believe me, this is not as harsh as it sounds. For this stage, a gradual separation is usually the wisest solution. Just because you have a cord to be cut does not mean it has to be ripped in the process. Relationships are supposed to add to the equation of your life, and the other person’s. It’s true in marriage, sports, business, and serving ministries. Begin to search for people and organizations that feed your passion. The internet is a great way. As your role in God’s story becomes clearer, let your relationships reflect where you are going. Remember: if you are the smartest person in your circle, you are in the wrong circle! You’ve outgrown it. It’s time to move to another level. Pull away from those who are making withdrawals, and move into different dimensions where you’ll grow and be challenged.

True success is simply fulfilling what you were created to accomplish, not money or fame. Begin to stretch toward the life of passion and purpose that you were created to live. God’s story is an amazing, persevering movement that will one day culminate in a brand new story.

When you submit to a daily relationship with Jesus Christ, He will refine you and your relationships. Don’t look at the end result so much that you forget that the process of the journey will introduce you to realities you have never known! Slowly but surely everything will come into full view, one day at a time.

Live to the fullest! God is ready to pull His bow back and aim His arrow! YOU!

Use the below questions to journal your intentions to refine the different roles playing in your life:
1. What thoughts go through your mind at the prospect of a new venture in life?
2. Define the important, non-negotiable roles in your life. The ones that add to your passion.
3. What roles in your life have seemed to subtract from your creative purpose?
4. What would you attempt today if you knew you could not fail?

*Leave a comment about how these questions pushed you to think outside of your box.

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