“Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he that run that reads it.”
-Habakkuk 2:2

Are you the center of the world? No. But the One who created the world has made you the pinnacle of His creation. God created you to be creative. Your actions and your ambitions should reflect the creative process. One of the major problems in Christians is their ability to talk about God and spiritual issues, but their inability to live out such change. So, for this next stage of your life, you need to begin to make synergy between what your inner passion are and the actions that follow.

When God does a fresh work in your life, it is because He wants you to “flesh out” His life through you.

This sounds deep but it’s really simple: I should be able to study your actions and know your ambitions. Where you are trying to go by what you are doing should be in sync. If you seem busy all the time but can’t get an idea of your direction, that is a sure sign that you are unfocused; there is too much activity in your life that isn’t contributing to a main purpose and goal. You have limited resources of energy and time, so you need to be honest and ask yourself, “How many unfocused things are in my life?”

A lot of wonderful things will be offered to you, but if they are not in alignment with where you are sensing your direction of change could be, you will have to let them pass. To create synergy between passions and actions means that you have to know what is appropriate for your particular starting place, even if you are initiating the process of change later in life. God has put so much potential in all of us that no one has enough years to become everything they could become. This is one reason we put so much hope in our children. Today, realize that you have many options, but you do not have much time. Life is short.

Begin today to bring together the thoughts of your heart with the actions of your day. Synergy will create a story worth telling the world!

Journal using the questions below as your guide:
1.Where have you had “thoughts” about Christianity but failed to bring it into your own life?
2.How can you begin to “flesh out” the deposits of God’s movings in your life?
3.What are some areas of unfocused options have you followed that hindered your true focus and purpose?

Please leave a comment on how you God is working in your life to bring thoughts and actions tighter into ambitions.:)

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