“…consider the cost, whether you have enough to finish it.”
-Luke 14:28

To create a life that begins to take your breath away, you will have to count the cost. Fear is the first thing that you must leave behind. Fear will drape itself in overprotectiveness and anger. But fear is the liar hiding in your motives. Remember that the worst enemies are the ones that live within, and they work to stymy change and limit vision. The truth is, a vision will cost you time and effort. You will be putting your name and reputation on the line as an agent of change. It may even cost your family something for you to commit to a common goal. So make sure that you don’t leave behind by creating the impression that your life’s passions are more important than them. When you make a move, it affects everything in your house.

It is in this step that you become brutally aware on which strengths you should focus. Many people, especially people of faith, are way too passive about these things. It isn’t unspiritual to honestly monetize what you have to offer; but it is if you misrepresent what you are passionate about. Being passive is why a lot of people don’t live the life they desire. They won’t “sell” themselves. Why should anyone hook up with you if you won’t show them you believe in what you are passionate about? You will want to connect with others who have the same passions as you (we will discuss in another step). So, if it does not cost anything, then it probably isn’t worth following.

Transformation is always costly.

Finally, you have to consider whether you are ready to win at the changes you are making in your life. We all know people who resent the change they see in others; it makes them feel small and disrespected. Some people love to keep others in a box, even if only in their own minds. It’s a form of control that you don’t need. The problem is that actually they don’t respect themselves and yet they will hate you for it. Can you handle the jealousy that comes with change?

Journal by using these questions as a guide:
1. What will it cost you to stretch into the life you dream?
2. What areas of debt are you carrying?
3. Why are you a good fit for your passion(s)?

Leave comments about how you have began to count the cost of change in your life.:)

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