There is a shift happening in our world. Our conciousness has become global, and our responsibility to our planet have become exposed. We can no longer pretend that we do not know the impacts of our behaviour on ourselves, others, and the world at large.

We have limited time to adapt to what is comming towards us, mainly massive change on a global, organizational and personal level. There are groups of all kinds rallying together to facilitate this transformation. Our collective conciousness is awakening, and as humans we are grouping together to create a SHIFT in the way we are with one another, ourselves and our world.

What am I talking about?
Just look around in the world and you will see disesase, war, famine, greed, murder, rape – just to name a few. We so often turn a blind eye to all of this, becuase on our personal world, it may affect us.

Here is my question to you….

Personal survival in an office cubical, or working a job for th rest of your life, surviving to see another day, or will you stand for something greater.

My sense is that you stand for something more….
More life…
More freedom…
More connection…
More love….
More forgiveness….
More partnership…..

If you believe in these things, here is something to inspire you to take action and be a force for good in this world. For too long has the human race been separate.

It is time….

*Here is something simple you can do- Start by reaching those in your sphere! Host an H2O Movement event and invite those in need of hope Oct 7th 2012. LIVE HD broadcast with Brady giving a message of hope!There is more info in the “H2O LIVE” section of our website!

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    • peggyc

      praying for the far reaching success of next H20 movement

      Isaiah 55: 10, 11


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