Waiting doesn’t always seem quite productive. Yet if you have ventured very far into this segment of life called adulthood, you have probably come to realize that it is a rather large mostly unavoidable chunk of life. For example, count the minutes you spend on hold when you call any company to pay a bill or report a problem! When we are small, we wait to grow a little taller, impatiently eyeing Mom’s pencil marks on the wall. When we are in elementary school, we wait for the adult sophistication of junior high. In junior high, we realize that high school was what we were really waiting for all along. But in high school, we’re waiting for a car, a hot date, college, marriage, or that first job that pays out big bucks.

We wait in restaurants.
We wait for traffic to edge forward on the way home.
We wait in the doctor’s office, even though we were so proud to show up early.
We wait for love to come into our lives.
We wait for a cancer-ridden loved one to die.
We wait and wonder if the pain in our mind will ever cease.

We wait.

God has a waiting room too, you know. You might not find the exact words in Scripture, but it’s there all right. From one end of the Bible to another, God has brought many people into the waiting room of delayed dreams. He allowed incredible brokenness and pain into the lives of His choicest servants.

Can you picture it…that great, celestial waiting room? Can you see it in your mind’s eye? One very large room stretching out both ways farther than you can see. Shining floors, marble walls, white-shaped lamps…and countless people sitting in chairs, glancing now and again at the clock on the wall, clearing their throats, drumming their fingers, chewing their lips, reading the same mags…and waiting.

Waiting for God to respond.
Waiting for God to keep His promise.
Waiting for God to speak.
Waiting for God to answer.
Waiting for God to heal.
Waiting for God to act.

The difference is that, in this case, God’s Son can relate to every moment in the waiting room. Let me show you what I mean by that…

A large poster on the wall reads, “HOW LONG,O LORD?” You think you have never suffered and waited? Look over to your left and there is Noah, calmly thumbing through a boating magazine. He is waiting for something called “rain.” He’s never seen it before, but God had said it would come- a lot of it. Noah’s boat was to be the only “savior” from the coming flood. Jesus is the only Savior from the coming judgement.

The reason we wait, is because some things are worth the wait.

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    • peggyc

      thoughtful blog…waiting while in His Word…or crocheting a blanket..Yeshua IS worth the wait
      Isaiah 64: 1


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