I love music. All types, although rap is lowest on my “like” list. I learned to play drums, some guitar, piano, and a bit of other instruments at a very young age. My friend John and I tore his basement up by setting up world tours from Europe to Japan and to the utter parts of the world. Our make-believe band was later ignited as we graduated from air guitars with tennis rackets into the real things. We found a couple of other guys, and formed the band that would change the face of music forever. We were ready to grace the covers of Rolling Stone, Circus, and even Time.

When the band fell apart, I was devastated. I felt as if  life was over. I even prayed  “now what?” I had all of this passion and energy in my life, and yet I felt numb. And I was only a freshman in high school. Music was my passion, and yet something had been stirring inside of me my whole life that I could not run away from. I needed to birth it and nurture it, but I had no clue what it was. It was just a feeling, a sense that I was mean’t for more.

Fast forward to college. I had just begun a career in total idiocy. I had no clue what to do with my life. I pretty much failed at every college class I took. I could not write in a cohesive package, and I dreaded being called on in class. My passion for speaking in front of people was never developed in my young years, but I knew there was something about it. The first time I ever gave a “sermon” in a church, I actually called the pastor to tell him I had a talk about being a “doer” of the Word from the book of James. In truth, I copied word for word a sermon that I recorded off of tv.

As I walked up to the pulpit, a flood of emotions went through my spirit. I recalled the youth Sunday in my little home country church when I got up to give the Sunday School attendance report and gave a quick three point message on the grace of God. I recalled how they put a chair behind the pulpit for me to stand on because I was only eleven years out of the womb.

Something lit in me that day. A fire that has not gone out.

It was a moment in my life where I said, “This could get me up in the morning! I may be totally dumb at this, but doing this lights my fire! I could do this! I could do this forever and never get paid a dime!” Embedded within the fabric of the world, is a mystery. The sooner you can grab ahold of this mystery and let it lead you, the sooner you will experience the joy that comes from its knowledge.

One way to find out what your gift to the world should be, you could ask yourself, “What is it that really ticks me off about the world?” Is it poverty, human sex-trafficking, AIDS, illiteracy, teen pregnancy? What is the thing, or situation, when you see it happening, or not happening, you say, “someone ought to do something about that!”  Frederick Beuchner said your greatest passion is “is the place where your deepest gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

That is your invitation, but so many people miss it. Maybe they are discouraged by those who tell them that they can’t make any money at it, or it’s been tried before, or it would cost too much, and so they give up. Sometimes when someone says “I don’t see anybody else doing that” actually be the doorway into you doing it! We need you to pioneer and do it.

Maybe the “doer” is you. Go do it.


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