One of the most amazing gifts that God gives people is the ability to think creatively. So when things get stale in an organization or an individual’s life, it is a fair that God or others are not to blame. It takes one hard look in the personal mirror. I have spent many days trying to be creative and stimulated for productivity, yet feel bland and blank. I hate it when I get there. Don’t you?

There is no feeling any worse in my life than when I feel powerless to be creative, and that sense of numbness fills my mind and spirit. Life is a strange place when you are supposed to be a stimulated force of creativity, and yet your day(s) can be sometimes filled with perpetual personal blandness. 

Bill Hybels, a pastor from Chicago, writes about how he deals with his staff when creativity is on the down-low. He asks what he calls the “Blue-sky” question; “What would you do to advance forward in life if there was nothing stopping you from doing it?” What would you and I do if we were free from relationship obligations, job stresses, no time constraints, or fear of failure? What would you do then?

A “blue-sky” moment is about unlimited visibility and unlimited ceilings. To free yourself by creating an atmosphere where bold thoughts reign as if there were no barriers whatsoever!  It is in that place where God shows us what we can become and what we can accomplish. What an amazing thought for today!

Now, of course we all have things that require our attention each and every day. But, to start the journey toward greater creativity and planning for the future, requires a blue-sky moment.

What would happen if you gave a blue-sky moment for one day to:

*your church staff who is bogged down with so many small tasks

*your spouse who is swamped at work and at home

*your loved one to whom you see drowning in days of purposelessness

*a group of your best friends so you can evaluate your future plans

To live in a blue-sky moment is to free yourself to think, write, strategize, pray, and harmonize with the Creator in ways that stimulate your mind and spirit again. So from now on, when my heart longs to get back to being a positive and creative force, I am going to go to my “blue-sky” moment. It will keep me from being a grouch or a burden on my loved ones and people with whom I have an influence. Blue skies are ahead!

The sky’s the limit in that place.


    • Cindy

      That is an interesting concept:)


      this blog reminds me of a song I used to enjoy: “Blue Sky” one thing which drives me is the thought of a soul going to hell and I want to warn every one before it is everlastingly too late…Isaiah 64: 1


      You’re my blue sky..You’re my sunny day…Lord you know it makes me high when You turn Your love my way…Almond brothers…long time ago…Isaiah 64: 1


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