I took a break from blogging and doing the web thing, but I am back, sort of! Not with a vengeance, but subtle entrances back into the www. I will gladly admit this, I have just been burned out. The social media pressure to “stay in touch” has literally been weighing on me to the point of frustration, and coupled with tons of other responsibilities, this one brought me to a breaking point. I don’t have a huge staff to keep me constantly present in the attention span of everyone online, so I just shut down for a bit. And I loved every second of it.

During this time, I have been thinking about the different aspects of the definition of what is “success”. In fact, I have machine-gun barraged myself with questions about what it is that constitutes “success” in my life….and here are some of them…

What are my measures of success? Both the conscious ones that I proclaim, and the unconscious ones that I manipulate visibly?

Can you and I accept as a measure of success that we just keep showing up, day after day for the fight, even when we don’t feel helpful or effective or even our voice heard?

You see, there is a smokescreen within our society; we all want to LOOK successful. But looking successful and being successful are two different animals altogether. I am so sick of the tirade of those who appear to have success, yet have no substance. Being successful does not mean that people follow you or are a part of your dream, vision, or programs. True success comes from a far different place than who can draw the biggest crowd or have the biggest impact. True success is birthed in the incubator called “awareness.”

Think about it. If we have been aware of the process of our lives, including the moments that we hate, and are even aware of our hating, that very awareness is life and success itself. Simply staying on path, no matter what, and keeping with life’s direction, as well as finding the way back after times of lostness, should be enough success for a lifetime.

When I stay with that awareness, I can make it through to any goal. I can quit anytime I want to (on the inside) because I know I won’t quit! The very luxury of quitting is mine because there is an eternal awareness that I will not give up easily. It is fun to quit, because quitting is simply not an option.

So, if you and I can return to our life’s work again and again, even if you quit what you are doing and I give up on social media and computers for a while. If you and I continue to take on challenges rather than avoid them, and if we know when to give up, when to change, when to open up, when to love…

Well, I for one, will feel very successful.


    • Jason Goad

      Great stuff, brother. We are in such an “appearance-driven” society that we begin to be far too concerned with “looking” successful rather than “being successful”. True success is staying close to God and His Word and becoming the person that God has custom designed you to be. I preached this past Sunday out of Joshua Chapter 1 and feel that this is relevant to what you are saying here. Joshua 1:8 says this, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

    • Stef Wood

      I have been thru alot of stuff in my life the past 15 months especially. I was in a terrible accident 5 days before Christmas that left me with a brain injury. I have been thru many struggles and many emotions. I have been thru feeling defeated, depressed, feeling like just giving up…to feeling overwhelmed with gratitude that I’m still alive and doing as well as I am! Thru all these emotions and physical changes, I have been on my knees ALOT in prayer!! I KNOW that God is the same and that HE is in control even when I feel out of control and have no idea what is going on in my life. I have had several Doctors tell me that they can NOT believe that I am still here with all the damage they saw on the MRI and they surely can NOT believe how well I am doing. I have been called their “miracle woman” so many times. I went thru my “pity party” times, but they didn’t last for too long…in the past 15 months I have been in the ER and hospital many times…I’ve had several mini-strokes and been diagnosed with a PFO (hole in my heart), complex migraines, and seizures with my migraines. The last visit with my Neurologist…he said some really neat things to me. First of all, he told me that he didn’t know what all was going on with me..but that he was going to try different medications and ultimately I was “in God’s Hands” :) . Then he told me that I have SURVIVED everything that has happened to me so far! That got me to thinking…yes I have!!! I may not know the reasons why, but for some reason, God has brought me thru all these things! It may just be my surviving that IS the reason. All I know is that now I finally am at the point that I’m ok with who “I” am…I may still have struggles with this broken down body I’m in, but I am finally OK with ME :) . So in my life success is being able to get back up and keep on going…knowing that God is always with us and HE has a plan for us!

    • Cindy

      Those are tough questions without easy answers. We may never know how we have affected those in our circles of influence. Ultimately God will be the judge of whether our lives have been successful or not.

    • peggyc@tds.net

      great stuff Brady..will try to check out your blog more often

      Isaiah 64: 1

    • Theresa

      I love what you say about awareness. Awareness is the key, some may call it being “conscious”. I find that is true success! and can be found in every minute. When we are robotically going through life, or caught up in the struggle of life we are often unconscious or unaware. It may sound Eastern but we here in the U.S really should learn to “be”. It is there that we truly hear and experience God and all the wonders of him. The more time you are in that state of being( awareness), no matter what you are doing, the more successful you are.


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