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There is a homeless guy named Bruce that I have become acquainted with in a downtown area of the city. He is homeless, yes, needy, yes. Then, just the other day, his companion came running up to me as I walked the sidewalk and screamed out, “Brady, will you sign this petition!?” I asked her what it was about and she responded, “Bruce is running for mayor! We are sick of the mess in this city! He is ready to change it!”

The very idea of a homeless man wanting to bring change! To attempt to bring change is a wonderful idea!! This guy has nothing to lose and everything to gain anyway, so he has decided to do something about it. Not to just make a statement, but to try to bring change. I know its a long shot, and I know he may be the long shot,but to even try…makes him rather fearless.

Human history is filled with stories of countless people who have rocked history because they were fearless. If you even look back into your  family tree, you will find people who who risked everything to find a better future as they endured hardships, wars, persecution, slavery, and oppression. Some even became the laughing stock of the city, but they brought awareness and change through it. They lived by 2 Tim 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

There is a difference between courage and fearlessness. Courage emerges in the moment, without time for thought. These sudden and heroic actions arise from spontaneous care and love. Fearlessness, requires more of me than just an instant action. If it is real, it will require me to take time and exercise discernment. When I think about staying outside the box, I find myself screaming out on the inside, “Oh God! How I want to be fearless this year!”

When I look at some of my heros, Bible ones and more modern ones, I am amazed at how fearless their stories are portrayed. I believe that to be fearless, you have to face fear, then move forward. Otherwise, you have nothing to be fear”less” about. It is almost as if it demands that I take time to look at whatever feels threatening to me in all its complexity. So that when I step into the moment, fear leaves and fearlessness arises. It takes some craziness to look at your circumstances and still keep moving forward, even when everything tells you to run the other way. It makes no difference where life has you, or how hopeless something seems. Heck, even homeless people can become fearless. They live that way everyday anyway. So, I have no excuse!

I want my life to never stop at the red light of fear. May God always help me to push through fear into fearlessness, and use it for my good and the betterment of those around me. As musician Jerry Granelli says “Just being with your fear, just being it, is the most powerful form of fearlessness.”

I wonder if Bruce needs a running mate?


    • Connie


      Thanks for sharing! 2 Timothy 1:7 is my life verse. I went through anxiety attacks and depression several years ago and this was the verse I quoted to myself when I would be overtly anxious. I still do so, when life gets crazy and overwhelming.

      Being fearless is something that I am striving for myself. Trying to get out of my comfort zone/boat and step out on to the water in faith. It is sometimes a daily challenge to ask myself, where is my faith? And to remind myself that God knows all and is in charge of everything. Going against common sense or normal, and well meaning friends and family is at times a difficult thing to do. Even if I know in my heart of hearts that I am supposed to be doing a particular thing.

      May you continue to strive to be FEARLESS and stepping outside the box!

      Blessing to you!


    • Cindy

      You have no idea how timely this message is for me. I am trying to keep moving forward with God’s help. Thank you for the encouragement to keep going:)

    • Kristi

      I so needed this today. I have recently had to quit work because I was born with a spinal disease but I am not a quiter and someone told me that God has a bigger plan for me and you just answered my question? to be fearless! Isn’t God great He is always right on time!! Thanks Brady


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